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FAST offers services for the demolition of concrete, timber, and metal structures. The company is equipped with machinery necessary to perform the disassembly and demolition of almost any type of structure.
Design Build
Apart from conventional construction, FAST offers compete design build packages that integrate sustainable architecture, engineering, and MEP designs in order to provide turnkey projects to our clients. Additionally, FAST offers swept path analysis and simulations that assist in the development of roadways, streets, roundabouts and intersections.
Construction & Roads
FAST offers commercial and industrial construction services, including warehouse, buildings, refrigerated rooms, land clearing, grading, and earth movement.


FAST comes with an array of construction equipment, including:

volumetric mixer

42 m capacity concrete pump truck

skid steer loader

sky trak

dump truck

17 ton crane

back hoe

All equipment are in excellent working condition.
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